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About Us

We are the Andrews family and owners of The Pines Event Venue! We have called Conway "home" since our college days and officially made it so by purchasing our first home shortly after marrying in 2011. We are Joe and Amanda; we have three kids and have made the property here at The Pines our home. We have poured heart and soul into this project since purchasing the property in the Fall of 2019. The first moment we stepped foot onto the property, we could see the potential for this gorgeous venue that is now a reality. We are a family that walks by faith and not by sight, and this property is the evidence of that truth for us! All of the couples that come through this property will hold a special place in our hearts, memories, and prayers.

The Story of The Pines

The Pines has been a long-developing dream for the Andrews family. Since they first got married, Joe and Amanda always referred to "one day" building a wedding venue where others could come together to celebrate their love and enter marriage in a picturesque way. This dream has unfolded in a way they could not have written themselves. This property was not always used as a wedding venue, and prior to the Andrews family's purchase, the farm was not being used to its fullest potential.


In January 2019, Joe and Amanda really began pursuing this "one-day" dream they had never thought would actually happen. The original plans were for an entirely different location but something never felt quite right. After deciding to wait on God's timing, in July of 2019, Joe found this property listed for sale and immediately picked up the old plans - this time it felt just right. From the time Joe and Amanda stepped foot on the property, the ideas flowed - what others saw as a run-down barn and unkempt landscaping, looked like a dream waiting to happen for the Andrews family. All of the structures were here, but every inch of the soon-to-be venue needed renovations. 


At first, friends and family would ask Joe and Amanda what the plans were for this property with clear doubt on their faces. But when the work began, those same faces became invaluable support and assistance throughout the renovation process.  Working tirelessly through the winter of 2019-2020, Joe and Amanda saw The Pines become a reality. The once barren barn became a lovely blank canvas for even the most elegant events. The horse stables were transformed into a unique and inviting space for intimate gatherings. The bridal suite and groom's quarters became a highlight of the amenities offered to couples who choose The Pines for their special day.


By faith, and trusting God, this property has now become the evidence of what could not be seen at first. When you see The Pines, you are seeing the evidence of the Andrews family's faith in what God has called them to. Every couple that chooses The Pines becomes a part of this story, our memories, our prayers - forever.

"The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It's our handle on what we can't see."

Hebrews 11:1-2 MSG

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